Profile of 44 mm, weight limits of 100 kg, wheels weight of 1200g. Unrivalled rigidity and resistance to lateral bending, reactivity to gears that leaves the mark.

Thanks to the new opaque graphic design, except for the brake surface, the wheel is much more sporting.18 aerodynamic spokes on the front wheel, 24 on the rear wheel, only applicable for tubulars. The rear hub has been completely redesigned to guarantee weight limits of 100kg and to make rigidity one of Emme3 Tempory wheel main strong point. Smoothness has been enhanced by the use of special Gold Race bearings.

Thanks to a special metal alloy at the base of their balls, these bearings are able to guarantee a weight limits per square centimeter 3 times heavier than traditional stainless steel bearings. This results in an increased resistance to corrosion